As proud official partners of North Sails in Italy, we leverage our expertise and experience, backed by a rich history, to design and fabricate the perfect sails for your yacht, including Maxi and SuperMaxi classes.

Owning a yacht demands precision and performance, especially when it comes to your sails. At LMARINE Group, we understand the significance of having the perfect sails tailored to your sailing style and preferences. That’s why we bring you the epitome of sailcraft excellence with custom-made sails from North Sails, the global leader in sail technology and innovation.

North Sails - L Marine Group

Explore our Sail Services:
Custom-Made Sails: Craft your dream sail with our expert team. Choose from different sizes, shapes, fabrics, and specifications to match your unique vision.
Performance Sails: Elevate your sailing experience with our selection of sails designed for different purposes and preferences. From Square Top to Non-Square Top mainsails, we have the sails to enhance your performance on the water.
Maintenance Service: Trust our professional repair and maintenance service, certified by North Sails, to extend the life and quality of your sails.

North Sails - L Marine Group

What Sets Us Apart:
Innovation: Utilize the latest technologies and solutions from North Sails, including the groundbreaking Helix furling sails and the sustainable NPL RENEW sailcloth.

Expertise: Apply the best practices and techniques from North Sails, such as the patented 3Di technology, to design and fabricate sails that meet the highest standards.

Personalization: Tailor your sailing experience. We listen to your needs and preferences, providing personalized advice and recommendations.

Efficiency: Value your time. We deliver our services quickly and reliably, ensuring your yacht is ready for the open seas.

Your Annual Sail Check-Up Awaits: As the summer approaches, it's time to ensure your sail is ready for the voyage. Bring it to us, and our North Sails specialized sailmakers will provide a detailed report and a customized quote. Sail with confidence and joy.

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