Behind every success there is always a story of men, commitment, and passion to tell. In 1966, Pekka Koskenkyla founded Oy Nautor AB in Pietarsaari, Finland. The first Swan was the 36, truly iconic for its design and innovations. His idea was a high-performance racing yacht that was just as comfortable as a cruising boat. The great innovation he introduced was to build it in fibreglass with a mould and in series. The dream came true when Sparkman & Stephens trusted him, and thanks to the superior design it began to win the first competitions: the Baltic Race, all Cowes Week races, the first Whitbread Around the World, then called the Volvo Race and finally the Ocean Race.
Such an excellent start!




Actually the Nautor’S Swan headquarters have 9.935 sqm of facilities dedicated to the new joinery, high-tech lamination operations with an oven for post curing, halls for painting, grinding and polishing as well as areas for warehousing and logistics.


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