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the sails

Which sail is right for you? Every sail we offer is custom-designed and custom-made, and our experts’ advice is the right way to get the perfect sail.

For each type of sail, we start with common characteristics Sail size, shape, fabric style, and specifications are the key elements, to begin with.

Once we have gathered this information, we are ready to build the perfect sail for your needs.

We rely on state-of-the-art materials.


the technology

We are proud to be resellers of a brand like North Sails that focuses on research and technology to create cutting-edge materials.

This has resulted in an exclusive line of materials for sails, from woven polyester, and laminates for cruising and racing to 3Di composites.

3Di™ is a unique and patented sail manufacturing technology from North Sails that produces the fastest and most durable sails in the world.

Square and non-square competition mainsail

Square Top Mainsails, North Sails’ most advanced model of mainsails, dominate Grand Prix racing all around the world.

Square and non-square cruising mainsail

North Sails cruising mainsails are fantastic for shorthanded sailing and for boats equipped with customized systems.

Maintenance and service of your sails

Maintenance of your sails

The best North Sails certified sail repair and maintenance service in the world.

For almost 20 years we have been offering first-class service for sail maintenance. As the summer arrives, it is useful to check and maintain the sails of your boat.

Bring us your sails!

Our expert sailmakers will send you a detailed report and a customized quote so that you can keep your sails in good condition and enjoy your boat in total safety.

Our service includes


Checking the main points of the sail (feathering, tacking, reefing).


Hardware check for rubbing and UV damage. Manual inspection of the seams.


Inspection of the luff and luff fixings.


Inspection by rubbing at contact points of external metallic material: spreaders, shrouds, stanchions, etc.


Inspection of the leech and baselines and their fastening system.


Check the sail for UV damage and for the correct furling side.


Check the sail body for the condition of the fabric, sail numbers, shape strips, and windows. Replacement or addition of telltales.


Inspection of the Gennaker: fabric and sock system; for the Mainsail inspection of the batten pockets; for the roll-in Genoa inspection of the vertical batten pockets and anti-UV cover.


Complete inspection of the sail bags and any maintenance/replacement of the hinges. Sail report, 9 checkpoints, comments.

North Sails sail maintenance

Are you interested in North Sails sails?

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