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New Swans

Your next Swan is waiting for you!

Nautor Swan, a style icon, presents its range of elegant, high-performance and timeless yachts.

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New Swans

Your next Swan is waiting for you!

Nautor Swan, a style icon, presents its range of elegant, high-performance and timeless yachts.


Swan yachts

The Swan Yachts division represents elegant and timeless lines that have made Nautor Swan an icon in the sailing world.

The yachts are reliable against the rigors of the sea and their high-performance hulls guarantee comfort and competitiveness during regattas.

The design team is led by German Frers, the famous Argentinian yacht designer who started working with Nautor in the 1980s.

The division currently includes Swan 48, Swan 54, Swan 55, Swan 58, Swan 65, and Swan 78.


ClubSwan Yachts

With the launch of the ClubSwan yachts, the Finnish boat builder marks the beginning of a new chapter in its remarkable history.

ClubSwan Yachts is the division of Nautor Swan based on the values such as: speed, technology and competitiveness.

Innovative solutions focused on maximizing these qualities are at the heart of ClubSwan Yacht’s development. Juan Kouyoumdijan, a French-Argentine naval architect who is specialized in ocean racing yachts, is the designer.

ClubSwan currently includes ClubSwan 36, ClubSwan 41, ClubSwan 50, ClubSwan 80 and ClubSwan 125.


Swan Maxi Yachts

The story of Swan Maxi starts early, a few years after Nautor was founded.

An experienced customer asked for a 17m Sparkman & Stephens. It was in 1970 when the magnificent Swan 55 took shape. At the time it was one of the largest yachts in the world to be produced in series in GRP.

The Swan Maxi, from 88 to 128 feet, offers the ultimate expression of seaworthiness in all conditions combined with elegance, comfort, performance, style and modernity.

The world-class designers behind these beautiful yachts are Germàn Frers and Misa Poggi for interior design. Since the launch of the Swan 88 and 108 projects, the exterior design sees an addition to the team of the Lucio Micheletti’s pen.

The division currently includes Swan 88, Swan 98, Swan 108, Swan 120 and 128.

Swan Shadow

Swan Shadow is the powerboat through which Nautor Swan enters the motoryacht market.

Born out of Leonardo Ferragamo’s passion for boating, the Swan Shadow perfectly represents the core elements of Nautor Swan DNA: performance, quality, elegance.

A multi-purpose motor yacht concept able to meet Nautor’s customer needs and achieve performances of up to 55 knots.

Swan OverShadow

Nautor Swan presents Swan OverShadow, the 13-meter-plus motor yacht that redefines enjoying the sea. Nautor Swan’s elegance and style have been perfectly interpreted by Jarkko Jämsén, the designer of Swan Shadow, focusing on the main elements of the Finnish brand’s DNA: quality, innovation, performance and reliability.

The Swan OverShadow starts from a high-performance hull of the Swan Shadow, which is particularly efficient and seaworthy, and features an inboard engine and two alternative layout configurations above and below deck.

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