Nautor's Swan Tyrrhenian
Nautor's Swan

Swan 48-036 Windy

• Anno / Year: 1974
• Lunghezza LFT / Lenght LOA: 14.07 mt. / 46.16 ft.
• Larghezza / Width: 3.86 mt. / 12.66 ft.
• Prezzo / Price: €. 150.000 VAT Paid
• Luogo / Location: Trieste, IT

48-036 Windy

The Yacht


The Swan 48 Windy is in good condition, with continuous replacements of equipments and services in order to maintain the boat always efficient.

The boat has ever been used by only one owner, initially he took part in a few regattas, then from 1986 the boat was only ever used for summer cruising, since 2006 the boat has always come to marina sant’Andrea for maintenance work and only ever did a maximum of 30 days navigation a year. Since 2014 the boat has only gone out for daily navigation.

Here is a list of the main works that have been carried out in 2015:

1) Unmasting and masting

2) replacement of sheer line (left side) as from original supplied from Swan

3) internal left side: removal of the internal frames (left) and removal of the chain plate with new surface in VTR - reconstruction of the damaged frame near the chain plate

4) transom: removal of the adjacent lamination near the back stay chain plate and repairs with new laminate in VTR as original plans, gelcoat finishing

The deck was varnished in awl grip top coat in 2008, complete renewal of teak in 2008 (12mm) in 2015 the boat was varnished stern and sides (awlgrip), in 2014 the antifouling was completely removed down and thereafter applied 3 layers of epoxy primer and 2 layers of antifouling. This was carried out as a form of prevention as the hull did not show signs of osmosis.

In 2018 all humidity levels of the hull where checked out, the result was negative, also there was still no sign of osmosis.

In 2011 the rudder bearings where replaced.

The mast was first checked in 2008 and again 2011.


48-036 Windy48-036 Windy48-036 Windy48-036 Windy48-036 Windy48-036 Windy


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Nautor's Swan Tyrrhenian

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Nautor's Swan Tyrrhenian